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Bold, passionate and uplifting! That’s Bill Middlebrooks; father, husband, author and entrepreneur and community servant who provides a unique blend of perspective, insight, practical application and motivation that inspires people to action. He is both thought provoking and thoughtful with his message while he challenges people to look inward to examine their beliefs and practices with an eye toward improving one’s performance as a parent, particularly if you are a father. His approach intertwines examples, stories and research to better illustrate his points and engage his audience.

If you would like to invite Bill speak to your organization about “Dare to Be Extraordinary – A Collection of Positive Life Lessons from African American Fathers” and/or learn more about The PRIDE Factor™ for raising extraordinary sons and daughters, please complete the “Speaker Request Form” below, and we will contact you shortly.

Please note, there are no honorarium fees to have Bill speak at your event. However, if travel expenses are required those expenses will be the responsibility of the requesting organization.

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